The Funeral Memorial Service

The Funeral Memorial Service

What is the purpose of the funeral memorial service? No matter what form it takes, this ritual has two clear purposes: to help the bereaved family say farewell to their loved one; and to dispose of the body of the deceased respectfully.

If your thinking about the funeral memorial service as a means to saying farewell, it is important to have some goals for this service.  Goals might include reaffirming spiritual values, healing old family wounds, or even helping your loved one make the transition from this life to the next.

All the decisions that you will need to make will be easier if your initial goals are clear. How do you accomplish goals and how do you turn them into a funeral memorial service? Start with a general picture. What type of funeral service do you have in mind? How many people will be attending? Where do you plan on having the service? Will there be music, readings from the Bible or other favorite book? Will there be a eulogy?

Think about your reasons for choosing this type of service. For example, if it is a small service, perhaps that is how the deceased wished it to be, maybe you want to keep the cost down, or family members prefer simplicity.

Consider creative alternatives in  the location of the funeral memorial service. For example, a place that meant something special to the deceased. A school assembly in a gymnasium may be appropriate for a teacher. You may even consider having two services; for instance, one may be small and theother service a larger public event.

Consider your finances. Don’t go into debt for a funeral or strain your family’s cash flow. The expenses surrounding a death can add up and get costly.  So plan wisely and carefully according to what you can afford.

Remember that the funeral memorial service is a celebration of the life of the deceased. Create a memorial funeral program or memorial table so that others can view and celebrate the life as well.

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