The Death of a Child

The Death of a Child

The loss of a child, baby, teenagers, or even young adult is very difficult and is a tragedy for families to have to deal with. Most of us expect to out live our parents however, having a child pass away before the parent just seems to disrupt the natural order of life.

This may be one of the hardest, if not the hardest things one has to go through in life. The relationship between parents and their children is unique and special and unlike any other type of relationship we have. Along with losing a child, the parents hopes and dreams for that child are also lost.

A part of themselves can be lost as well. The usual emotions when experiencing loss is magnified when losing a child. Depending on how the child dies is also a key factor. Usually it is due to illness, however some babies may not make it past the birth. Homicide is also a factor should the death occur in this way. In any case, it is not an easy thing to accept.

The parents may go through denial, guilt, and anger for a long time. Healing is slow and some may never heal at all. Usually medication is used to help in the depression or intense emotion of a parent’s loss. Parents should seek counseling and groups for parents who have lost children through death. Connecting with others in this fashion can help support you through a tragic time. It’s important to get as much support as you can by surrounding yourself with those who are professionally trained and have experienced the loss themselves.

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