The Contents of the Funeral Program

The Contents of the Funeral Program

There are some basic information that needs to be included within funeral programs. These are just guidelines and not hard and concrete rules. They are made to be customized or tailored to whatever suits your desires. So this is merely a recommendation or tool to serve as an outline.

Sometimes people need to have some sort of basis for what goes into a program. By following some guidelines or basic outline you can get a better understanding on what sort of things you can include for your program.

Below is a very simple program outline that you can incorporate into your funeral program:

  • Location and date/time of service (where the memorial/funeral will be held and time)
  • Officiating Clergy Name (who will be officiating or facilitating the service)
  • Special Funeral Poems (poems pertaining to death or the after life)
  • The Funeral Obituary (a biography of the deceased)
  • The Funeral Order of Service (the flow or chronological order of the ceremony)
  • Any additional photographs you want to share (for a memory collage)

You can add any of the above items or none at all if you prefer. It is up to you as to what you want to include. You can also add to this list and create your own elegant funeral programs. You can do this quite simply by using templates. Utilizing this can save you a lot of time in the creation which is nice since all the hard work has already been done for you. It’s a nice and quick way to finish it and still produce a professional looking document of memory.

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