The All-Purpose Funeral Speech Template

The All-Purpose Funeral Speech Template

Giving a speech at a loved one’s funeral is hard, especially if you don’t have experience writing this sort of thing. It requires you to sit down in the midst of your grief and write something that is genuine, moving, and that helps give consolation to the other funeral attendees. How anyone does it is a mystery.

That’s why there’s nothing wrong with using a eulogy template. In fact, most funeral speeches should follow a certain format. It’s not the time nor the place to get overly creative or to take risks. Using a funeral speech template will actually help you do a better job. It will keep you focused, and it will give you a strong place to start writing a solid speech.

Of course, every funeral speech needs to be different. Depending on the person you’re honoring, there may be room for some creativity and even a little bit of humor. In any case, use this funeral speech template as a starting point.

1. Introduction: If the deceased person is a friend, this is where you talk about how far back the two of you go. How did the two of you meet? How did you become friends? Are there any funny or interesting things about your early friendship that made it especially meaningful to you?

If it’s a family member, talk here about the depth and importance of your relationship with the person you’re honoring. Basically, think of the people who will be at the funeral who may not know you well. Portray to them your relationship with the person.

2. Anecdote: Fill in this section of the funeral speech template with a meaningful story involving you and the deceased person. It helps if no one in the audience has heard the story before, but it’s not essential. Think of an incident where the person helped you or taught you something meaningful about life. This will be building up to the conclusion, so think of a story that helps to illustrate the person’s legacy.

3. Conclusion: This is the most difficult part of the eulogy template, as it is where you will try to find the right words to explain the lasting meaning of this person’s life. Think of their legacy. Contemplate the good things they’ve brought to the world, and express how you expect to go on being influenced by this person. If this part of your speech helps provide a little bit of consolation to the people listening, then you have done a great job.

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