Speakers At A Funeral

During a funeral, a keynote speaker is required to speak in front of family and friends regarding the deceased individual. This is where a speaker discusses with the listeners about how they knew the person and how they lived. Usually there are funeral parlor personnel in charge of speaking for the families behalf or in case there are no family members who are present. Also, during the wake relatives and friends are welcomed to speak in front to give their final respects for the deceased. Read about the several topics a keynote speaker will utilize when speaking at a wake or who the different speakers are welcomed to talk and pay their last respects.

Family and Relatives – Mostly family and relatives are the one to talk in front of the attendees about the deceased. They would tell stories about that person, unforgettable moments that they have spent with them and how they have touched their lives. for family members, it will be really hard for them to pay their last respects so one member of the family is enough to speak in front and say something about that individual. A keynote speaker talking about their experiences with that person, won’t help but get teary eyed so be sure that when paying your last respects make it brief and meaningful.

Friends and Acquaintances – They are asked to be keynote speakers and speak something regarding that individual. These are the people that the individual has connected with and have shared a drink or two or have helped in a way. They have come to that persons funeral to pay their respects and in order to do that they are willing to speak in from and say a few words regarding that person inside the coffin. They might have been best friends or they might have known each other since they were kids, either way they are going to be missing them very badly.

Burial – During the burial all the person who attended the wake must be present for the last time because this is the final time that they are going to see that person. After that they will either be buried or cremated. The keynote speakers during the burial will be the priest or minister or Rabbi. They will speak passages from the bible or the Torah and bless the coffin and the deceased. This is to ensure that the person will be accepted in the kingdom of heaven. These are just some of the religious rituals that any priest, minister or Rabbi performs before a person is buried. There are different rituals depending on the religion of the person to be buried.

Will Reading – These will readings are done when a person leaves behind some possessions to certain individuals which they have deemed worthy to have their things. Lawyers are the keynote speaker during these readings and they are there with the relatives and friends to point our who receives the possessions that the deceased has left behind.

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