Remembrance Poems

Remembrance poems are verses that express feelings and love for a person who has passed. They are often read during a memorial service or funeral. A remembrance poem can also be included in a funeral program, or inscribed in a guest register book, especially if the poem had special meaning to the loved one during his or her lifetime. Alternatively, the friends and family who plan the funeral or memorial service can select a poem that seems to describe either the personality of the loved one, or the sentiments that are felt. There are so many great websites that list countless remembrance poems.

While there are many poets whose works are perfectly fitting for this purpose, this article provides a one-stop shop for finding some of the most beautiful, meaningful remembrance poems that enhance and personalize a memorial service, its program or other mementos.

Mary Oliver is a wonderful contemporary poet whose writing has a universal spirituality in its undertones. “When Death Comes” is one of her better known remembrance poems. Her poetry has modern tones with universal sensibilities.

Many people love the poetry of Emily Dickinson. Her words appeal to a universal sensibility. Here’s a great example of her poetry about the end of life. One of her better known poems for bereavement is called “Because I Could Not Stop for Death.” Her poetry is so wonderful in that it offers strong visual images. It’s lyrical, and timeless.

Another great poem for the purpose of remembrance poetry is “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,” by Dylan Thomas. His verses are strong and dynamic, especially in this example.

While these are merely three of the thousands of possible examples, we offer them as wonderful examples of lovely words that are universally healing and deal with some profound truths around grief and end of life.

Good poetry and literature are timeless for a reason. They can express human conditions and feelings with a universal voice. The timelessness of the words is that which makes it long-lasting and true. Most anyone who has grieved a profound loss can find some relevance or deep understanding in great poetry that deals with the end of life.

Remembrance poems can enhance a memorial service with these powerful truths. They can appeal to young or old, as well as to people of different faiths and beliefs. Their robustness lies in their accurate conveyance of human emotion.

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