Religious Prayer Cards

Many families love to incorporate religious prayer cards as a form of distribution and token of remembrance for a recently departed loved one. When the funeral service is faith based, often families will seek out cards that depict some symbol of their faith.

Religious prayer cards for the Catholic service can have pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, or St. Christopher. The cards come preprinted or in the form of templates in which case you can totally customize it before printing. The cards that are preprinted do not contain a photo of the deceased on the front cover but rather can contain one on the reverse side along with the prayer or not at all.

The type or design of the card is left up to the surviving family members to choose. There are many beautiful preprinted cards as well that enable you to choose or select your prayer of preference on the back side. These preprinted cards can have an embossed, gold or silver accent embedded within them which adds to their overall appeal. You can purchase these by the sheet and are extremely cost effective since they come eight cards to one sheet. You do not have to print or purchase as many sheets since there a re multiple cards on a sheet.

Some opt to laminate the religious cards after printing for a longer lasting keepsake. Religious prayer cards are a good choice since it comes in a very convenient size for a purse of wallet.

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