Prayer For Funeral Card

Prayer For Funeral Card

Below is a selection of prayers and poems you can incorporate into your funeral card or tribute. Once you have decided what poems or prayers you want to include on your loved ones’ funeral prayer card, Honor You does the rest.

 Including a poem on a prayer card is a great option for those who are religiously unaffiliated, but still wish to create a beautiful memorial keepsake for funeral guests honoring their lost loved one. If faith was important to your lost loved one, you might want to consider including a beautiful prayer on the back of the funeral prayer card. This message is not that different than the one on the In Love Memory, but that little distinction can set your loved ones’ memorial prayer card apart from others.

 Another option is to have a photo of your loved one on the front of the card, with the poem or prayer that you chose on the back of the card. Use the idea from What To Write On A Memorial Card, or any other religious-based ideas, too. Tell your loved one what poems you want on the memorial card, the hymns you want to be played at the funeral, and what clothes you want to wear forever. Memorial cards can be made even more personalized by including poems and secular prayers not straight from scripture.

Funeral Program Templates

are designed to provide funeral professionals with a tangible memorial they can keep and treasure for years. are given to attendees at a funeral or memorial service as a symbolic remembrance of the person who died. The cards offer a prayer for recitation when words are not available for your own, and they encourage you to say prayers or thoughts for the person who died while you are remembering them. Typically, Catholic funeral prayer cards feature a religious image on one side, while a smaller photo of the decedent and their birth and death dates are displayed on the other.

 An equally nice funeral card includes a nice soul portrait, names, and dates, as well as really nice flower accents, and a nice prayer (which you can alter or alter if desired). In addition to prayers and poems, memorial cards may include poems or other pertinent details about the person who died.

 If a burial service is taking place, in which you will be burying the body’s ashes, then a cremation prayer may be included on the funeral card. Choosing the funeral prayer according to the family relationship can help customize your funeral card and reflect the lives of the deceased as prayer. You might consider printing out this particular prayer for Mary, Mother of God.

 In this article, we cover all the things you need to know about funeral prayer cards and other memorial services. Please take some time to review our wide variety of funeral cards, picture card layouts, and acknowledgments. We print our cards in-house, and also offer photo touch-ups and adjustments to meet any needs you may have in creating a memorial card that is ideal for your loved one.

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