Prayer Cards For the Deceased

Creating and producing prayer cards for the deceased is quite simple, if you do it yourself. Using prayer card templates allows you to produce great card tributes in a short amount of time. It is also very cost effective as opposed to buying them preprinted. If however, you are short on time and do not want to create them yourself, you can certainly find a resource that ship them to you distribution ready.

Deceased prayer cards have been a tradition for many years. The surviving family members will note a specific prayer or even poem, if it is a non-religious service, that is suitable for their loved one. Cards are available in two different sizes (a business card size and slightly larger than a credit card). Either way, these two dimensions are handy and convenient for carrying in a wallet or purse.

You can distribute the deceased memorial cards at the beginning of the service as guest are arriving. Some families assign a friend to hand them out at the entry and others just leave the cards by the guest registry so when guest arrive, they take one as a keepsake.

The text on the reverse side also provides a way for the attendees to remember the deceased and the surviving family in prayer. It serves as a reminder to keep their memory alive in their hearts, as well. Prayer cards templates are compatible for Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages. Choose the application that you feel most comfortable with. Personalizing the cards will only take a few minutes since everything is predesigned and preformatted.

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