Prayer Card Samples

If you are planning to create a memorial keepsake for a loved one’s service, try viewing some funeral prayer card samples before actually creating the cards. Prayer cards are a great little memento since it is conveniently sized. Locate a web resource that offers them in a variety of sizes. They generally come in a small business card sizing and one the size of a deck of cards. The larger sizing will enable you to include more text.

Some funeral prayer card samples will come in a variety of themes as well. The designs can provide landscapes, faith based designs, children or youth backgrounds, and floral. Cards are typically done in full color on one side and black and white on the other side where the prayer or poem is noted.

You can utilize templates to help you create these cards for distribution, if you like. It does make the process easier and faster. It is also cost effective and some web resources will even do the work for you for a minimal fee. This option will have your cards sent to your door, ready for distribution at the memorial service.

Lamination is also an option that can be done after printing. It serves to have the cards preserved longer and is often a wise idea for most families. Making your own cards is really the best option because of the versatility and control you will have in production and printing. Because templates come eight to one sheet of letter size paper, you won’t need to print as many.

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