Poems For Funerals Need Not Be Sad

When the time comes to think about selecting poems for funerals, it can often feel like a mammoth task as the pressure to choose the right piece of poetry increases. The best poems for funerals can make a huge difference to a funeral service. The comforting words can help the healing process both for those listening to or reading the poem and the person who chooses it. As is to be expected, the majority of poems for funerals cover the topic of loss and the emotions which come from the death of a loved one. However, the poem you choose need not be sad, there are many poems for funerals which are uplifting and talk about the value of the person and their life. Poetry can act as a celebration of the love felt for the person who has died.

Some of the best funeral poems do not actually have anything to do with death. For example, if the deceased person enjoyed any particular activities or hobbies then it is nice to include an inspirational poem which reflects on that. Likewise, it is also nice to choose a piece of poetry which reflects upon any particular beliefs or values which were important to your loved one. Choosing these sorts of poems for funerals will act as a celebration of the happy memories of a loved one rather than dwelling on the loss felt at their passing. Another popular choice is to choose a favorite poem of the deceased. This can be especially poignant if those listening are informed of the fact that it is a favorite piece before it is read out during the funeral service.

The general consensus when it comes to poems for funerals is to choose a poem which will speak to the audience. It should be something which best reflects the deceased, but which most people will be able to relate to. Funeral poems can offer great comfort to those attending the funeral, but do not feel pressured by what you feel is expected of a funeral. A funeral service should celebrate the life of the person who you have lost, and as a result it may be appropriate to make some less than traditional choices. If you find a poem you like, but there is a line or word which you feel may be a little inappropriate, then you can always choose to change it or remove it.

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