Poems for Daughter

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Like Mother Like Daughter

If a mom is pretty a daughter is pretty, If a mom is handsome a daughter is handsome, If a mom is educated a daughter is educated, If a mother is good a daughter is good, a mom and a daughter are two in one, a mom’s secret is a daughter’s secret, a mutual relationship between a mom and a daughter anytime, then a mom is the daughter’s everything’s

by Mohammaed Skati

When A Mother Cries

When a mother cries,
Her tears stab at her daughter’s heart
As they plummet to the floor

When a mother cries
Her daughter cries too
She cries because she does not know what is wrong
She cries because she can’t get rid of her mother’s pain
She cries most of all because she loves her mother

When a daughter cries because her mother cries
Her mother cries more
She cries because her pain has hurt her daughter
She cries because she does not want to see her daughter cry because of her
She cries most of all,
Because she loves her daughter

Once the tears have ceased however,
What remains is love
The love forever shared between a mother and a daughter

by Portia Lane

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