Planning a Low Cost Funeral

In today’s U.S. economy and the rising price of funeral costs, finding the lowest price funeral can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are more resources surfacing on the internet where you will find the best low cost funeral items and solutions for the one you are planning.

The expenses of a funeral is generally less than that of a marriage but could be equivalent but depends on how the quality of materials and event plans you will be having. Below are some basic ideas that should help in trimming some of the cost of a funeral for your loved one:

  • Cremation is a more cost effective option than the traditional burial because the body does not need to be embalmed, you do not have to purchase a plot of land or casket.  If you would like the ashes to be contained inside a cemetery, then the price of a space is significantly lower than a burial plot. The price for an urn to hold the ashes is also less costly than a casket.
  • Enlist a family member or close friend to give the music solo or play the funeral music from a CD or recording.
  • Have the funeral service at a church instead of a funeral home. If you believe you can manage the funeral planning or have a family member or close friend assist you in doing so, you can decide not to enlist the aid of a funeral home.
  • Create the funeral program yourself. You can implement funeral program templates and still achieve a beautiful lasting memorial keepsake. You can also print them out yourself on your home computer rather than spend a good amount of money having them commercially printed.

Funeral program templates are pre-designed programs that are easily customizable. You’ll only need to customize the text and enter the photograph of the deceased, if you decide to have a photograph on the cover. The program should have a front AND back design as well as an insider page coordinating layout. Most of the funeral programs on the internet only offer you with a COVER design which isn’t a total look.

Having a design on the front cover and back provides a more professional and presentation.

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