Order of service

An order of service can be comprehended as the program of occasions imprinted on a booklet. It directs the visitors all through the memorial service function that is held after a man’s demise. The order of service is a printed document that is given to all the attendees at the funeral ceremony.

Order of service

Depending upon the nature of the funeral, an order of service may be religious or may be non-religious.

Contents for an order of service for religious funeral-

  • A Melody.
    • Introduction by the celebrant
    • Shared singing
    • One or more burial service readings that express the convictions of those going to with respect to life, demise, and grieving.
    • A burial service address or Appreciation of the life of the withdrew
    • Time for reflection (tranquil or joined by music)
    • Funeral Prayers
    • Singing or joint recitation of a verse
    • Words of tribute before internment or incineration
    • Words as well as music to go with committal of the perished
    • Closing words (or a gift)
    • Close (joined by music)
    • Music to take off

Contents for order of service for non-religious funeral-

  • Music to enter.
  • Opening words by the celebrant.
  • At least one non-religious memorial service readings by a relative, companion or the celebrant.
  • At least one tribute or thanks by a relative or companion.
  • The last lyric or non-religious perusing.
  • Music to take off.


When you realize what the components of your order of service will be, you should decide by what method will do what in your administration. You can also take help from a professional one who can help you out in planning an order of service.

An order of service is not only an ordinary booklet but also serves as a funeral keepsake for all the mourners.  Order of service booklets extends from straightforward reports (perhaps made and printed at home) through to expand professionally printed handouts. Burial service chiefs frequently help with their readiness and generation.

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