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Obituary Verses

There is no doubt that funerals can be very sad and solemn events. Even if the person who has passed has been waiting to go, it is still sad to say that final goodbye. The funeral home does a good job of providing as much comfort to the guest of the services as possible. One of the ways that they do this is by offering some examples of obituary verses.

Verses like these are a good way to express feelings at a funeral. Some people have trouble letting go and saying how they feel especially at a funeral. For them obituary verses or a poem is like a release valve for their emotions. It is so nice that someone else has expressed themselves in this way and shared it so that now we can all use those words to express our own emotions.

The bible is full of wonderful obituary verses to offer comfort in time of death. Also there are many verses to help with just about any emotion you can feel such as anger, loss, and death. People have been finding comfort in prayers and verses in the bible for hundreds of years. Whatever your religious beliefs are, there is comfort available in the bible. Obituary verses can come from either the Old or New Testament and will contain encouraging words. These verses can be placed within the funeral service program or read aloud at the actual service. It is appropriate to do both, if you so desire.

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