Obituary Keepsake

What are some things that can be considered an obituary keepsake? The obituary programs, obituary or memorial bookmarks, prayer cards, memorial candles, memorial jewelry and plantable seed cards are all good ideas and choices to create a keepsake item from your loved one’s service.

Often after the funeral service is over and the ashes are scattered and the casket has been laid into the ground, families want to have a tangible item they can keep as a loving tribute and remembrance of their loved one. Printed products are the perfect thing since you can share these with attendees and other family members as well as keep some for yourself.

Years after the service, it will serve as a reminder and keepsake of your loved one’s life. Now there are actually organizations in the funeral industry that develop jewelry from a photo of your loved one and even a diamond from the cremations of the ashes! Yes, you heard correctly! It’s just amazing what new technology is capable of doing.

The most common form of obituary keepsake however is the program from the service. Because this is the final celebration of life for the decease, the program serves as a very special memento. It outlines the summary of their life, the final celebration order of service, photos throughout their life on earth, and special tribute or poetry. So you have almost everything encapsulated into one area such as a funeral booklet program.

Rest assured when done correctly, these type of programs are not left in the church or chapel pew, they are kept and treasured for many years to come.

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