Memorial Service Program Layout

Many grieving families, funeral directors, are utilizing memorial program templates to produce printed pamphlets that highlight a deceased life. Normally, the families are responsible for supplying the details to be placed inside the memorial service program layout.

Beneath is a brief notation and some of the necessary components for the memorial program:

Noted here are some of the main sections that make up a regular memorial program layout. On the front of the memorial program, information displayed usually involves a photo of the deceased and some short information about them such as the full name, which includes nicknames shown in (parenthesis).

The date of birth or “sunrise” as some like to refer to it, and day of death or “sunset” if you prefer, can also be indicated beneath the front cover photograph.

In addition, funeral logistics (area, time, date of the service) need to be displayed either on the cover or somewhere within the interior pages of the program itself. Precise facts on the front cover is crucial, as it supplies critical information about the deceased. Some employers will actually accept a funeral program as proof of your attendance to a funeral/memorial service. So this tiny token of remembrance has a variety of reasons why you should have one produced.

The cover page is generally adorned with large, fancy script lettering, like “In Loving Memory” or “In Your Loving Remembrance”. It can have any title you desire to write, just remember this is a tribute to your loved one and it should have an appropriate title that is suitable for their final celebration of life.

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