Memorial Bookmarks


Memorial bookmarks are really quite useful and practical tokens of remembrance for a loved one’s memorial service. Often they can also be laminated as a finishing touch which adds a professional presentation to the finished bookmark. Some families like to have their loved one photo inserted on the front of the bookmark, while others may opt to display their loved one’s photo on the back.

You can virtually add any type of text you want on the back of the design but typically it is a poem or some sort or prayer in remembrance or to commemorate their life. Such keepsakes are distributed along with funeral programs and prayer cards at the service. Memorial bookmarks can also be handed out in place of that if you so desire.

These are a specialty item since you can use them everyday and be reminded of your loved one. It is important to have some form of remembrance for them as part of the healing process. Some are affected and encouraged by reading the poem or prayer on the reverse side of the bookmark and knowing they are resting in peace.

Creating these funeral tokens is easier than you think. Using templates for memorial bookmarks is an ideal thing to do. It not only cuts down on the amount of time you save but also in costs as well. And you are able to use the templates again and again if you like. There is one such resource on the web that offers a beautiful selection of templates specifically for this purpose.


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