Memorable Funeral Programs

Even if death is an inevitable fact of life, the death of a loved one, whether sudden or due to natural causes, is still a hard thing to accept. However, after the initial shock of the loss subsides, family members start moving on and the first order of business is to make funeral arrangements for their dear departed.

Family members contact a funeral parlor to take care of the memorial services and along with that arrangement, some family members commission others to prepare funeral programs. What is a funeral program? It is a pamphlet or a document which outlines the key points of the memorial service. Funeral programs also highlight and summarize the life achievements of the deceased loved one. It also provides the order of service, obituary, names of surviving family members and often features a eulogy in the form of a poem. It usually bears the photograph of the departed on the cover.

Death doesn’t mean forgetting about a memory. Therefore funeral programs can be considered as keepsakes which preserve and immortalize the memory of the deceased loved one and keep it alive. Some families like to create memorial type of booklets and place many photos inside through that hightlight the life of the deceased. This makes for a memorial album and can be a treasured item which can be passed on to future generations. The main thing is to have some sort to item to keep that can be shared with other family members and/or close friends.

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