Laminated Memorial Bookmarks

If you are planning to create memorial bookmarks for a loved one’s funeral service or for a keepsake, you can easily laminate them yourself. Bookmarks are quite simple to make on your own computer which allows you full control over the look, text, and finishing.

Most families opt to laminate the bookmarks for a lasting memorial. Laminating tends to preserve and protect it from everyday wear and tear. You can choose to laminate them yourself or bring the printed bookmarks to a local office supply store. After spending the time to create them, it is wise to have them laminated since it is not expensive to do. If you own a machine, you can also do it yourself.

You can purchase the laminating sheets at any office supply store. You will need to cut them to size and individually before distribution. You can also punch a small hole at the top and add a nice coordinating ribbon color. Little touches such as these help make the overall presentation of the finished product more professional in appearance.

Many enjoy receiving this type of memento because it is not only memorable but useful. Laminating memorial bookmarks can be placed inside any book or Bible. You can also place your own customize prayer, poem, or special tribute on the reverse side.

Templates can be purchased for bookmarks which come 4 to a page. This is a time saver for the design phase and is cost effective since you don’t have to print as many due to the multiples on one page.

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