Invoice – A Customized and Itemized Billing Statement

An invoice in simple words is called a bill, which gives the complete information about the products and services offered to the consumers by the owner. Terms and conditions about the payment matters are also included at the back or at the bottom of the bill for precise business relationships and to avoid any confusion regarding the same.

The enterprise must design the bill in such a way that it is a total compilation of all the details in a single chit of paper and must be short, accurate and briefly detailed. Free sample invoice templates could be referred for better ideas and views about the same. Free templates can be downloaded from the trusted sites and they can be used by the company and customize it accordingly. This would be the better option than designing it on your own. These templates are saved in the system and it is just a printout away to provide it to the customers at any time.

An invoice must and should contain the following details:

• Date of Purchase.

• Company name and address with contact details.

• Products or services offered and the grand total including taxes that has to be paid to the company.

• Time duration must be indicated on the bill that is required for the delivery of the commodities or services to the client.

• Last date for payment and the mode of payment with terms and conditions.

• Proprietor’s signature or company’s seal.

Last but not the least, the invoice number which is the most important detail that is used as a reference for every purchase and this is the most retrievable data to keep track of all the businesses. Other than these the other details that can be included in the bill are the company’s other services and manufacturing product details in brief and the other businesses that are sister concerns of this enterprise to let the customers know about your other business enhancements. This will not only benefit the company but also the customers as sometimes it may be one stop convenience for many of them. There are lots of variations on the design and description of the invoice forms as the product details and payment terms are different from one another and it is not comparable.

These legal receipts are the evidence and proof off any purchase. So a copy of this must be retained by both the customer and the seller for any clarifications and doubts. This would avoid conflict in business relationships and it is a symbol of practicing good business ethics too. Standardization and customization of the invoice forms periodically must be done at regular intervals in an organization to increase the efficiency of the business.

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