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In Loving Memory, poems are utilized at funerals and dedication administrations. These funeral poems can be essential for recognition, supplication, tribute, or perusing. Recognition poems are at times remembered for funeral and dedication printing, for example, funeral programs, remembrance bookmarks, commemoration cards, and tokens. On the off chance that you have been approached to talk at a funeral or dedication, recognition poems can be a peaceful method for honoring your cherished one without the strain of talking uninhibitedly. These poems can be elevating or solemn and can assist with conveying how you had an outlook on your cherished one. The following are a few ideas for cherishing memory poems.

Memories Build a Special Bridge

Our memories build a special bridge when loved ones have to part

to help us feel we’re with them still and soothe a grieving heart.

Our memories span the years we shared, preserving ties that bind,

They build a special bridge of love and bring us peace of mind.

Emily Matthews


Love Lives On

Those we love are never really lost to us – we feel them in so many special ways-

through friends, they always cared about and dreams they left behind, in the beauty that they added to our days… in words of wisdom, we still carry with us and memories that never will be gone… Those we love are never really lost to us – For everywhere their special love lives on.

  1. Bradley



Remember me when I am gone away,

Gone far away into the silent land;

When you can no more hold me by the hand,

Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.

Remember me when no more, day by day,

You tell me of our future that you planned:

Only remember me; you understand

It will be late to counsel then or pray.

Yet if you should forget me for a while

And afterward, remember, do not grieve:

For if the darkness and corruption leave

A vestige of the thoughts that I once had,

Better by far you should forget and smile

Then that you should remember and be said.

Christina Georgina Rossetti


Four Candles

The first candle represents our grief.

The pain of losing you is intense.

It reminds us of the depth of our love for you.

This second candle represents our courage.

To confront our sorrow,

To comfort each other,

To change our lives.

This third candle we light in your memory.

For the times we laughed,

The times we cried,

The times we were angry with each other,

The silly things you did,

The caring and joy you gave us.

This fourth candle we light for our love.

We light this candle that your light will always shine.

As we enter this holiday season and share this night of remembrance

with our family and friends.

We cherish the special place in our hearts

that will always be reserved for you.

We thank you for the gift

your living brought to each of us.

We love you.

We remember you.

Unknown Author


Loving Memories (Your Gentle Face)

Your gentle face and patient smile

With sadness we recall,

You had a kindly word for each

And died beloved by all.

The voice is mute and stilled the heart

That loved us well and true,

Ah, bitter was the trial to part

From one so good as you.

You are not forgotten loved one

Nor will you ever be,

As long as life and memory last

We will remember thee.

We miss you now, our hearts are sore,

As time goes by we miss you more.

Your loving smile, your gentle face,

No one can fill your empty place.

Author Unknown


I Am Always With You

I am always with you

When I am gone, release me, let me go.

I have so many things to see and do,

You mustn’t tie yourself to me with too many tears,

But be thankful we had so many good years.

I gave you my love, and you can only guess

How much you’ve given me in happiness.

I thank you for the love that you have shown,

But now it is time I traveled on alone.

So grieve for me a while, if grieve you must

Then let your grief be comforted by trust

That it is only for a while that we must part,

So treasure the memories within your heart.

I won’t be far away for life goes on.

And if you need me, call and I will come.

Though you can’t see or touch me, I will be near

And if you listen with your heart, you’ll hear

All my love around you soft and clear

And then, when you come this way alone,

I’ll greet you with a smile and a “Welcome Home”.

Author Unknown


The Fallen Limb

A limb has fallen from the family tree.

I keep hearing a voice that says, “Grieve not for me.

Remember the best times, the laughter, the song.

The good life I lived while I was strong.

Continue my heritage, I’m counting on you.

Keep smiling and surely the sun will shine through.

My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest.

Remembering all, how I truly was blessed.

Continue traditions, no matter how small.

Go on with your life, don’t worry about falls

I miss you all dearly, so keep up your chin.

Until the day comes we’re together again.

Author Unknown


The Broken Chain

I little knew that morning. God was going to call your name,

In life I loved you dearly, in death, I do the same.

It broke my heart to lose you, you did not go alone,

for part of me went with you, on the day God called you home.

You left me beautiful memories your love is still my guide,

and though we cannot see you, you’re always at my side.

Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same,

but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.

Ron Tranmer


Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there, I did not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,

I am the diamond glints on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry;

I am not there, I did not die.

Mary Elizabeth Frye


While Waiting for Thee

Don’t weep at my grave,

For I am not there,

I have a date with a butterfly

To dance in the air.

I’ll be singing in the sunshine,

Wild and free,

Playing tag with the wind,

While I’m waiting for thee.

The Comfort and Sweetness of Peace

After the clouds, the sunshine,

after the winter, the spring,

after the shower, the rainbow,

for life is a changeable thing.

After the night, the morning,

bidding all darkness cease,

after life’s cares and sorrows,

the comfort and sweetness of peace.

Helen Steiner Rice

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