How to Write Sympathy Words: A Guide On Writing Words Of Comfort And Sympathy

The accurate empathy words can help out in the process of consoling the pained heart of the grieved, at the most difficult of situations. It is mostly said that when you are in the process of expressing your sympathy you yourself face your own emotional journey through the mournful procedure, and then you are at a loss of word yourself. helps you out while writing cards or letters expressing sympathy.

It is always difficult to form the right sentences while writing letters expressing sympathy, hardest of all being when writing for the first time. Moreover you are at a loss of ideas as to what is the right way to express your feelings. helps you out by providing the right words that can make your loved one feel better even though time is considered to be the best healer, which unfortunately cannot be put into writing.

Why write words of sympathy?

The question can be raised saying that will it not be more beneficial to express words of sympathy immediately after a funeral, because conversations are able to convey expressions that letters do not. However conversations have their drawbacks. As you yourself are very likely to be grieving at that time it will be difficult for you to express in proper words. It is again improper to talk to the person on or after the funeral as at that particular time, emotions are at such a peak that neither you or the person can have a proper conversation. Writing gives you enough time to formulate all the things that you want to say in a proper manner. Write the letter and go over it thoroughly to ensure the conveyance of your feelings.

It is most advisable to write with true, genuine feelings. You must put yourself in the place of the grieved person and feel the loss. This will eliminate any chance of you being artificial. Judge how well you know the person as this will help you write. It will most likely be that the person might not even read the letter properly; it could be enough for the person to know that you are thinking of him or her and that you are there for support. To allow the heartbroken to identify with you can put in some common experience that you have had with the deceased person. Successful soothing can be done by writing some optimistic time that you, the reader and the departed had shared. This helps to bear in mind the good times that the deceased had spent in life. This gesture shall go a long way to sooth the pained heart, especially if the just departed had a long illness.

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