How to Plan a Memorial Service Ideas Guide

A Memorial Service is a special kind of Program. It is special because it is the Final Presentation given on behalf of a Loved One. It should reflect the personality, accomplishments, or interests of the Dearly Departed One. As a Program in need of organization for timing and effectiveness, a Memorial Service and Reception needs to be segmented into manageable parts, as follows:

  • Preparation Time, which includes: Venue Reserving, Participant Requesting, Facilities Layout Planning, Facilities Adornments, and Food — Ordering. If assistance is needed nowadays, Memorial Service Help is available online
  • The Next Segment is the Arrival, Greeting, and Conversation Exchange Time
  • The Third Segment is used for Presentations, which should be as Individual as the Dearly Departed, and as Unique as the Family. Some Ideas are: story and poetry readings, musical performing, expressive dancing, Non-Profit Organization Representative speaking, and many more considerations and schedulings available through a Memorial Celebration Supplier
  • The Fourth Segment of our Memorial Reception is designated to Meal eating or Refreshment partaking for all Attendees. Creative Ideas may be serving the Loved One’s Favorite Dish or presenting dishes from the Loved One’s Heritage
  • The Fifth Segment of an uplifting Memorial Program should be Interactive, and used to create a memorable closing. Some Ideas are balloon, butterfly, or dove releasing
  • The Final Segment of a Service and Reception is appropriated to the exiting of the Attendees, and consists of Guest Well Wishes and Family Thank Yous. Meaningful Trinkets can be purchased through a Memorial Service Supplier.

It also helps greatly, to view the program as a last gift for the Loved One, and a time for Family to strengthen their beliefs, and inspire hope.

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