How To Make Great School Newspapers

Are you ready to move your school newspaper forward, making it more exciting and interesting than ever before? If the answer is yes, then this article can help you to jump-start your project with the top five things that a good school newspaper should include.

1. News. This one seems like a given; however, it can be tough to come up with good news items. Unless you are writing a student column, try to veer away from world-wide issues, instead focusing on things that pertain to school or will be of interest to readers. Anybody can print an newspaper about a flood in a foreign country; only you can write about the cement being laid for the new gym or have an interview with a new teacher. Always keep an open eye, watching for news tips that involve the school, school activities, or students.

2. Student columns. Okay, it’s easy to realize that very few school students will want to write a column once a week or even once a month; even the most dedicated writers will often find themselves swamped with extra-curricular activities or simply burnt out of ideas. Rather than have the same students write every month, consider rotating, allowing a wide-variety of aspiring writers to participate. Three columnist sections will let a lot of students experience writing if rotated among classes. Names of columnists can be randomly drawn, allowing everyone an equal experience at writing.

3. Sports. Sports are a big part of any school so, obviously, they need to have some time devoted to them. While winning the biggest game of the season might be front-page news, sports sections can also be devoted to reviews of practices, introductions to players, and even games that are lost. Reach out to even those who aren’t interested in sports by explaining what the game is all about and encouraging them to come watch.

4. Photos. Having photos in your paper adds an extra special touch. Not only will they help readers to connect with the stories, but they also make the paper more attractive and more people want to read it. You can choose to just have one dedicated photographer or split the responsibility up with several students.

5. Additional submissions. Try to incorporate as many students as possible for newsletter submission. If you know someone who is good at drawing, see if they would be interested in in doing a comic strip. By having lots of different students submitting to the paper, their friends and family members will be more likely to read.

By including a wide variety of other students, adding good content, and trying your best, your school newspaper will be a wonderful success!

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