How Malcolm X Mishandled John F Kennedy’s Assassination

Malcolm X totally mishandled John F. Kennedy’s assassination with these comments. “Chickens come home to Roost.”

In 1960, civil rights were finally being addressed in America at the highest level in the land, the executive office.

President John F. Kennedy’s first address to the nation after his election was “America cannot go forward being half free and half slave.” This speech was the first time ever during civil rights movement that the white house had personally got involved in the struggle.

To many Americans both black and white President Kennedy represented hope that equality would finally be achieved.

Then, November 22nd 1963, out of nowhere came assassin’s bullets and along with President Kennedy, hope died for so many people that day.

America was in shock. People were crying, tears flooded young and old. Republicans and Democrats both cried that day. Even Nations and heads of state mourned.

Everyone was saddened including Russian, America’s arch enemy.

The day after President Kennedy’s assassination, Elijah Muhammad the leader of the Nation of Islam sent out a statement to all his ministers including Malcolm X.

This statement was “If asked about the Kennedy assassination say “No Comment” this was mandatory and it came from the top down.

But Malcolm, speaking at an engagement in place of Mr. Muhammad when asked about Kennedy’s murder, spoke without thinking of the consequences sounded as if Kennedy’s murder was expected and even welcomed by the Nation of Islam.

Also at this time the Nation was under several investigations and was desperately trying to recruit upper qualified blacks with skills that could aid the Nation of Islam’s growing population.

After Malcolm X’s statements, Elijah Muhammad immediately summoned Malcolm X to Chicago and at that meeting he scolded Malcolm for his lapse of judgment with his remarks. He also told Malcolm that “People loved President Kennedy and comments like that make it hard for Muslims everywhere.”

Then he silenced Malcolm for 90 days so that he could not add fire to his already fiery comments. Next, Mr. Muhammad sent out press releases disclaiming that Malcolm ‘s comments were on behalf of the Nation of Islam.

But would Mr. Muhammad have silenced Malcolm X if he had said something of condolence to the Kennedy family? Something like this?

On Behalf of the Nation of Islam we give our condolences to the Kennedy family. President Kennedy was more than just a politician he was also a father, a brother, a son and a husband. We want everyone to know that we abhor violence and stand ready to assist in any way during these difficult and troubling times.”

This would have been much better from a national spokesman to say than gloating that the killing of President Kennedy is a result of the many killings that America has done abroad and at home.

With so much at stake and America still hurting, Malcolm mishandled President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination.

This comment was the final mistake that Mr. Muhammad could not ignore from Malcolm X. They split and never came back together.Malcolm ‘s assassination finalized that split forever in history.

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