Goodbye Letters to Loved Ones – Consider Writing a Goodbye Letter to Love One Just in Case

Are you thinking about writing a goodbye letter to loved ones in case you pass away? It is emotional topic to cover but I hope I can help you think of it in a new light.

The first few times I considered doing this I was struck by the difficulty I had. Being a mother, every time I thought of not being with my children I felt a sense of panic.

I persisted though because even though I know that they knew I loved them, I wanted them to have a letter that told them so one more time if they needed it. It is a hard task to tackle but I tried to look at it from the same perspective that I looked at my will and life insurance policy. I would rather be prepared and not need it- then have something unexpected happen and not have done it.

Sometimes in my life I stop and think that although I try, I don’t find the time to say everything I want. I fear there is so much to tell them about our life that they won’t remember it all. I have stories about how they came to be and stories about our heritage that I really want to share.

What I thought would be one letter turned into to several. I wrote one letter with important details such as where to find things such as my will, contact information, account information in a PDF. I also wrote handwritten letters and scanned pictures into a PDF, one for each of my children. These letters are all set aside for my mother until my children are older and then I will set them aside for each child themselves. I also wrote letters to my closest friend and some relatives.

For the most part I don’t think too much anymore about the letters themselves, they are written and I know they are there when they are needed. I am content to know they will be comforting for my loved ones and so it has been in a way cathartic. As for now I try to just focus on slowing down and taking the time to enjoy life each day as it comes.

Here are some reasons to consider a goodbye letter to loved ones:

  1. You can share important details
  2. – SSN, lawyer info, financial adviser info, account info

  3. Share personal details
  4. – important dates, times, memories

  5. Share your ancestry
  6. – news clipping, letters, or history about your family’s personal journey

  7. Share life lessons
  8. – talk about lessons about life you’ve learned that are important

These are just some ideas. Every story, every memory, and every relationship is uniquely personal. Connections in life can be just as important as your family’s financial security is. If you consider a will or life insurance just in case, also consider setting aside a couple words as well.

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