Good Funeral Poems

It’s good to be able to have choices. When you’ve lost a loved one from illness or death, funeral poems are often a great way to start healing the inner soul. It has comforting wording and everyone appreciates it rhythmic tones. Find poetry that offers an assortment of themes such as love, life, death, and absence.

It’s also a good idea to focus in on the happier side of someone who has died. The happy side may be that he or she is not suffering anymore and is in a better place of peaceful rest. That statement alone helps families tremendously. Poems are good reminders of that truth when used in a ceremony or inside any of the funeral stationary one might hand out.

A designated person can say the poetry aloud as a reading selection at the funeral wake or visitation. The important thing is to have yourself many choices to choose from which will add to the different moods everyone may be experiencing.

If you are like most people, you may be considering cremation. This is a subject not many people know about unless your a funeral director or work for mortuary. Cremation is the process of exposing human remains to intense heat to reduce the body to bone, which is then processed to a very minute size and consistency which very much resemble ashes. The body remains when used in this procedure are called cremains.

The cremains are placed in a columbarium which is a structure with small spaces for the placement of the cremated remains. The ashes must be stored in an approved container or urn. Sometimes urns are engraved with funeral poems along with the name of the deceased.

The columbarium can be either outdoors or part of a mausoleum. Some people purchase these ahead of time and plan for the whole family to be housed there. You generally see these with the family name engraved in stone.

Many families are not looking into having a green burial. What is included in such a burial? Well there are caskets now made of bio-degradable materials that is much better for our earth than the wood or metal caskets. These types of caskets decompose into the ground. Don’t opt to have the body embalmed to prevent the chemicals from entering the body, let it decay in its own natural process.

Do not use a burial vault which is a liner for the funeral casket and not earth friendly at all. You may also want to consider cremation instead which is the best alternative for a green burial.

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