Funeral Wear and Proper Funeral Clothes Attire

If your wonder what type of funeral wear or proper funeral clothes and attire to wear to a memorial service, here are some things to consider. Remember the season and the place where the funeral service is located. For example, if it is the middle of summer and the death occurred in a hot, desert area, with full funeral services scheduled at high noon, wearing a dark wool suit may not be a wise choice.

On the other hand, wearing shorts and a t-shirt may not be appropriate either. Funeral clothes will depend on the type of service as well as the lifestyle of the deceased. You can choose somber type clothing such as women wearing veils, sunglasses. Wearing the traditional clothing colors of black, white, dark blue, or even mauve are still considered to be okay. You can wear business-style clothing or ask the funeral director what they recommend if you are still unsure or need a second opinion.

If the service will be at a church and you are not a member or familiar with that particular denomination, calling the church office to ask is perfectly appropriate to do. The important thing is to consider the location. If the service is on the beach, you’ll wear flat shoes or something which you can walk on the sand comfortably. If the service is at a national park, you’ll most likely wear something more casual then if the service was located inside a Catholic church in a financial district of a large city.

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