Funeral Tri Fold Brochures

Some families prefer to create funeral tri fold brochures as a type of funeral program for their deceased family member. This is a good choice for those who will not have a lot of text or photos to include within the program. It basically holds the same amount of text as a traditional, letter size program.

The tri fold brochure offers 6 panels which can contain text, photos or a combination of both. There are generally two sizes for the brochure which is found in letter or a legal size program. The most common and popular sizing is the legal since it offers a bit more room for your information.

This legal size program is then finished with two folds, thus creating a three column presentation when opened. It gives versatility in that you are able to separate the different titles within the program with the fold rather than creating another page, like traditional programs. The disadvantage is that you are not able to create new pages therefore, you should make sure you will have enough room to house your entire program data or your end result may look too crowded.

The brochure becomes a very convenient size when folded and can also be mailed to friends and family who were unable to attend the service. Although tri folds have been associated with more business like or corporate print media, it has been widely accepted into other areas such as a funeral ceremony.

You can purchase templates for tri fold brochures readily at the following resource. The best type of tri fold brochures are those that contain a design on the front and back. These tend to be the more professional looking programs, rather than one that only offers a front panel design.

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