Funeral Thank You Cards – Help in Time of Grief

After the funeral is over, it is usual etiquette to send funeral thank you cards to everyone who participated in the funeral event of your loved one, and who assisted you in your time of grieving by offering flowers, financial gifts, and more. Although writing thank you cards might be an annoying job during such an upsetting time, you’ll need to force yourself.

By the time people realize that writing funeral thank you verses or notes is not as easy as it seems to be, more than likely, you’ll find yourself drowned in tears when you begin this difficult task. However, you’ll need to look deep within yourself in order to take on the responsibility of composing thank you cards that express your gratitude to those who have had you in their thoughts, and as a result, you’ll convey your appreciation to all the loving people who helped you during your time of loss.

Funeral thank you cards are well considered to serve as a balm during one’s grief. The cards or notes might assist you to cope with your grief and depression, and help you to stay focused on the task at hand. It will offer a time of remembering the warm memories of the person who is no longer with you in physical embodiment. Instead of recalling the regrettable moment of death, you’ll re-live the loving moments spent with your loved one who has passed away.

Below, are listed a couple of sample thank you verses. You can copy and paste any of them to your funeral thank you notes if you’re finding it hard to develop the sentiments on your own.

  • We sincerely appreciate your sympathy and thoughtfulness in our time of grief where there’s no way out of our sorrow and tears.
  • Although the words ‘Thank you’ are merely a small gesture of appreciation, I’d like to thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.
  • We cannot imagine how difficult it would have been to pass this time of sorrow without your support and help. Instead of thanking you, I’d like to thank God for offering me a caring and helpful friend such as you.

When times are difficult and you just cannot find the words to express your gratitude, there’s always help by searching the internet for words to help in composing your funeral thank you cards.

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