Funeral Stationery

The types of funeral stationery available are funeral programs, prayer cards, funeral cards, bookmarks, and memorial funeral folders. Originally, you can obtain these from vendors who specialize in this type of print media for funerals. Generally, these vendors only sell to the death care industry business therefore bereaved families were left without any option.

Today however, there are website resources that offer these same exact styles and stationery direct to families of the deceased in their funeral planning. Funeral stationery is now available in the form of templates. It is a wonderful evolution and offers a more convenient way of being able to create them.

Templates for funeral stationery are growing in popularity since it is offered as an immediate download for the family, funeral home or church organization. It is also a more flexible and practical option for anyone choosing to create them. You won’t need to purchase any special paper like you would the traditional way. You simply print them on any standard white copy paper which you normally would have on hand.

It is cost effective as well since you are using your own printer or are taking them to be printed somewhere. The print on demand is especially an attractive feature so your not locked into printing a certain amount if it is not needed. Funeral stationery can be costly to purchase preprinted and you would still need to run them through your printer anyways to print the inside of them. Templates cost much less money and it can be used multiple times.

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