Funeral Speeches 101 – The Truth About Funeral Speeches

Funeral speeches are not as complicated as most people think. One common misconception about a funeral speech or eulogy is that it must cover the dead person’s life history in an objective manner. Another common fallacy about a eulogy is that it should cater to all the people who are present at the funeral.

While it is necessary to include the deceased person’s biography, funeral speeches must highlight the experiences and emotions of the speaker about the person. Contrary to what many people believe, the most meaningful and effective eulogies are subjective. These heartfelt speeches are written with sincerity and respect in mind. People who will give a eulogy may get good tips from a eulogy writing kit, which can be downloaded from many websites online.

Honesty is also important in writing a funeral speech. In most eulogies, speakers focus on the desirable qualities of the deceased. But what if there is hardly anything positive about the person? In that case, omit the negative details and talk about just the positive ones. If something negative has to be mentioned, try to do so with compassion to the person who died.

A funeral speech, though written solely from the speaker’s point of view, can include stories, anecdotes, or recollections from other people. Asking the family, friends, and colleagues of the deceased about what they remember most about him or her can give a eulogy more heart and soul. Doing so can also capture the interest of the people attending the memorial service.

Funeral speeches need not be flawless. The audience in the funeral will appreciate any eulogy as long as it was written and delivered from the heart.

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