Funeral Sermon Outlines – Ideas for Messages to Share at the Funeral

Funeral sermon outlines are helpful when you are preparing a sermon for a funeral service. Death is a natural part of life, but it is still difficult for the family to deal with the fact that their loved one is gone. If you know the person personally, you may also be grieving over the loss of your friend. A pastor has to come up with a message for the funeral quickly. If the pastor is grieving too, it can be difficult to come up with the right words to say.

The messages shared at the funeral service depend on a wide variety of circumstances. If the person that has passed away has been sick for a long time, people are already prepared for death. The grieving process is different for someone who is already expected to enter into eternal life. If the individual was expected to pass, then it would be appropriate to begin preparing the message weeks or even months ahead of time. The individual may have specific requests of words you can share at the funeral service. If you have an opportunity to speak with the individual before they die, ask them if they have any specific words or messages that should be shared at the funeral service.

There are other times when a person dies unexpectedly. Obviously this is very difficult for family and friends to process, so you will need to be especially sensitive in these situations. Funeral sermon outlines are great for this situation as you may not have a lot of time to prepare the message before the funeral service. If you know the person was a Christian, the message should focus on the fact that their soul is in a better place today. You can have people come up during the celebration of life service and share their favorite memories of the person. When someone dies, there are often many people who want to share how the individual has impacted their life. Funeral sermon outlines help you come up with ideas for the memorial service.

Many older people die in a nursing home after living there for many years. If a person lives into their 90s or later, many of the people that had an impact on their life have already passed. An older man or woman may outlive most of their friends, and they might even outlive their own children. Keep in mind that a funeral message does not have to be long. Unlike a message you would share at a Sunday morning service, the expectations are different for the funeral service. You may only need to spend a few minutes sharing a message for some funeral services.

Funeral sermon outlines are great when you don’t personally know the family or the individual. There are many outlines you can use that are appropriate for most services. Even though the funeral service is one of the most heart wrenching moments that a pastor endures, it doesn’t have to be an emotional moment. If the person that dies is a Christian, you can be sure that their soul is in a better place today.

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