Funeral Program For a Memorial Keepsake

A Funeral Program is also commonly referred to as a memorial program, obituary program, funeral memorial booklet, or a funeral order of service program. Whatever you may decide to refer to it as, this is an essential piece to the funeral or memorial service.

This keepsake often signifies and documents the end of a life. Many people treasure this program because it contains a loved one’s obituary, the order of funeral service and participants, special poems, scripture references that may have been considered a “life verse” for the deceased, and photos throughout the deceased life. There is really no limitation as to what you can include in a memorial program. Although the possibilities are endless, you need to consider the amount of time you will have to devote to its creation and production.

This type of program is truly one of the most important items because it is presented and distributed to all attendees. It is the one keepsake that shares, and celebrates the life and accomplishes of the deceased.

Some people store this program and put it in a special place of treasured memorial items. The program displays memories of a loved one’s life even if it has been months or years after the funeral service.

Often, the memorial program can also play an important part in the healing process because it acts as a special tangible memory item that captures the summary of a life of a loved one. If your thinking about creating a program, you don’t have to do it alone!  You can get a jump start on the creation process by utilizing templates.  You can find these types of templates by searching for “Funeral Program Template” on Google or any search engine.

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