Funeral Prayer Cards For the Memorial Service

Prayer cards are increasingly becoming a popular keepsake item that is distributing at a memorial service. Conveniently sized, most are the size of a business card, they can be kept easily in a purse or wallet as a special reminder of a loved one who has recently passed.

Often they will contain an image of the deceased on the front of the card in front of a background imagery. A title may contain “In Loving Memory” or “In Your Memory” may be printed above the photo. Cards can also contain just a background image without a deceased photo. These types of cards are generally preprinted and not customizable. They are considered stock prayer cards and can be purchased inexpensively from various web resources.

The back can contain a favorite prayer, scripture and even a poetry. Its up to you how you want to personalize it. You won’t be able to personalize it with stock prayer cards, but you can do by using a template.

If however, you want to have more control over the customization of text or photos, a template is the best solution. You can get these types of templates from a web resource that sells funeral program templates as well. Often they will have coordinating prayer cards to match.

Once you complete the customization, you can print them yourself or take them to any office supply store. The template will come with ten cards per sheet, so you won’t have to make many copies. If you need one hundred prayer cards, all you need to do is print ten sheets. This is a wonderful cost saver! Since you’ll be saving on printing costs, you may want to consider having the finished product laminated. Doing it yourself is cost effective if you have a laminating machine.

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