Funeral Poems To Help Parents Grieve

Losing a child is one of the worst fears of any parent, but sometimes people’s worst fears come true. Parents facing the death of a child may feel shocked and unable to speak of their grief. Funeral poems can be a way for parents to find their voice and put words on those feelings and thoughts that may otherwise be difficult to verbalise at such a time.

For parents of a deceased young child, reading or even writing poems about the innocence of childhood and the happy years they spent together may offer a way of coping with such a distressing situation and focus on remembering the good things about their lost son or daughter and the hopes that they had a meaningful life, even if it was cut short before time.

A carefully chosen poem can be used at the funeral in place of a speech or eulogy, which can be difficult to write for the grieving parents. Short and simple poems are also suitable to be read by young siblings or printed along with a photography of the child to give to attendants as a memorial token. Many people choose a few verses of a favourite poem to be written on the child’s grave as a way of remembering them.

Most funeral poems for children are somehow light and hopeful, but full of the deep feeling of loss a young death causes on those who loved him or her. For those with a Christian background, poems talking about Angels and the child being now in a better place along with God are specially suitable, as they are works of hope instead of depression and darkness. Other themes that you can often find on funeral poems to help parents express their grief relate to spring and the happiness the child gave them, even if his stay on this world was short.

If the child was of school age some parents may find comfort on the fact that he was well-loved by his school friends and teachers, so it may be a good idea to ask them if they’d like to contribute a poem or similar work for the funeral or memorial website. Small children may be able to take part by drawing the verses of an especially selected poem and those can be given to the parents. There’s something on the innocent view a small child has of the world that may help the parents find their own voice to express their grief about the loss of their child.

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