Funeral Planning – Pre-planning to Save on Money and Stress

A traditional funeral can costs around $6000 and with extras such as flowers, obituary notices, acknowledgement cards, limos etc can cost you well over $10000! When a loved one pass away, family and friends often will have tons of decisions to make. In order to save them stress and money, pre-plan your own funeral years ahead.


Funeral Preplanning is the act of planning out the entire funeral before the person actually passes away. When Preplanning, you have the time to shop around however many funeral homes you want. You are also not under pressure and are able to think clearly. You are less stressed; you save a couple of thousand dollars and have peace knowing that you have everything planned out. Funeral homes should know what to do with more and more people preplanning their funerals. When you are done with the preplanning process, remember to sit down with key members of your family and tell them of your plans. Have your wishes in writing and give a copy to each of them. It is alright to have it in your Will, but most people look at the Will long after your funeral has been over. Funeral preplanning can be informal or formal. You can do the research, write everything down and have your family members act out your wishes upon the time of your death or you can go to a funeral director and get all this in writing. It can also be pre-paid through life insurance, bank trust agreement, or another type of method which you can talk to your funeral director about.

The first step to pre-planning is to find a funeral director. Remember to ask them if they are credited with the National funeral directors association ( NFDA). They do not have to be but it will be safer if they are.

The alternative to finding a funeral director is to find a funeral planning or memorial society. These groups are non-profit and does not offer funeral services but will divulge great information and help you with the planning process.

Another important consideration when pre-planning a funeral is on where the remains will be buried, scattered, or entombed. Some people rush last minute to buy the grave and realize that prices for the plot have skyrocketed. If they bought it 10 years ago, it might be much cheaper than what it is now. On the other hand, you might be living in an area with increased competition therefore prices will go down over years. It would be wise to review your plan every couple or so years.

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