Funeral Planning – Funeral Etiquette

Funeral is a sensitive place to be and it is best to follow rules so that you don’t end up upsetting already bereaving people. It is a common and a kind gesture of friends and family of the grieving to visit and offer their condolences and some in cultures it is common to offer food. If there are children in the house of the grieving the friends and family also offer to take care of them.

When you are visiting a bereaving family there are a lot of things you can do and say so that there is less pressure on the family. Like if you really want to help them you can make sure all the arrangements are looked after, there is enough food for everyone, and also take care of the people visiting them.

If you feel it is appropriate you can also offer some words of sympathy along with fond memories of the person who passed away. In many cases it is best not to inquire the reason of death and just leave it as it is. You can instead be a good listener and let them talk about their feelings to you. But in case you are attending a wake then it is polite to meet the family and offer your sympathies to them. It is also important that you follow customs by viewing the body in the casket and in some cases you may choose to escort the casket. But how long should a person stay at a wake is left at their discretion.

Previously there used to be a funeral dress code and it was essential for people to dress up in black. But modern society has changed a lot of them don’t expect it any more. In fact they are okay with any kind of dress. But definitely it is expected that you were subdued colors and not over dress yourself. The simpler you are the better it is for others.

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