Funeral Planning Cost Saving Ideas

Planning a funeral service can be costly depending on an expected passing or a sudden one. If your not ready for one, the expenses can add up and catch you by surprise. There is a big price difference between the traditional burial and cremation. The procedure for cremation, the lack of a burial plot and casket can reduce your funeral costs drastically.

Seek out musical talent from family members and friends and save on hiring a professional singer or player of a musical instrument. You can also choose to play from a CD recording for an even more cost saving option. Having a family member or friend personalize the funeral service and act as officiant can be beneficial. Choose someone who feels comfortable in front of a crowd and is gifted in facilitation of events or may be able to provide encouraging words.

The service at a funeral home will be more expensive having it held at a local church. Use a template to create the funeral programs and other forms of keepsake mementos you hand out. This will allow you to be creative by adding any of the personal text (order of service, prayers, poems) and photos yourself. You can also delegate this to a friend or family member.

Remember that the printed funeral program will be a testimony and keepsake of the deceased. It’s a memorial item honoring the passing of a special person. Planning a low cost funeral does not mean you have to compromise paying tribute to the deceased. You can have just as meaningful a service trimming costs in this way.

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