Funeral Memorial Service Poems

Poems are very popular to use in letters, cards, print media, or just about anything. They are ubiquitous and we can find that poetry truly speaks to us straight to the heart! This is especially true when poems are used to express emotion. In a memorial service for a recent loss, you may often hear or see funeral poems being incorporated as part of the memorial service program.

Many families like to use poetry because it can express sadness, encouragement, hope, or emotions of loss that they may not be able to articulate into words. There is something about the eloquence of poetry that encourages our ear to listen and meditate upon. Funeral poems can come in a variety of different flavors and themes. Themes for virtually any family member such as a grandmother, father, mother, sister, friend, or son.

Most funeral poems speak about a better place of rest and peace for the deceased and not to weep and to let them go because they have been set free. Others speak of death as being a door to a better place and there are even poems with a sense of humor that some include in a funeral service. Memorial or funeral service poems can bring a note of cheer to the surviving family members and funeral attendees and are readily available through trusted online resources.

Some families choose to have the poems read aloud during the funeral order of service and may designate another family member or friend to do so. Poetry read at funeral services can be thought provoking and inspiring to say the least. They are also written inside the funeral memorial service programs or on the back of prayer cards for a lasting keepsake.

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