Funeral Memorial Service Bookmarks

Have you ever tried preparing a funeral for a deceased loved one? Then you probably are aware that it entails a lot of expenses. You need to pay for the funeral home that would render service to your departed loved one and then you have to pay for some other funeral resources.

With the current economic crunch, it’s better to be prudent and practical with everything we spend on. However, it goes without saying that since the memorial service is the final tribute you can give to your deceased loved one, you would want to make it special. So if there’s been a death in your family again and you need to work on the funeral arrangements anew, you might want to look for ways to make the memorial service the best it can be without having to spend too much.

One simple suggestion is to make use of memorial bookmarks in lieu of funeral programs. They serve the same purpose as funeral programs – they commemorate the memorial service of your loved one, yet they can be used for other practical purposes.

Memorial bookmarks are very easy to make. Or if you want, you can visit funeral resource websites and browse the templates they have for the bookmarks. You will find that most memorial bookmarks show a photo of your loved one in front and below it are the birth and death dates of the person. Behind it, you can print a short prayer, an ode or maybe even a poem.

Indeed, memorial bookmarks are useful and practical tokens which you can present to the people who will pay their last respects to your loved one.

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