Funeral Home Stationery

Part of what a funeral home does is create a nice program for your loved ones. They help you to choose the flowers, seating, music and the stationery. Frequently there will be a florist either next door or very close to the the funeral home. That way it is easy to deliver the flowers. The seating and music is already there you just have to decide what will best suit your needs. The cards, remembrances and programs are all special ordered from a stationary company that mainly supplies to funeral homes.

This is the way that it has been for many years. Until now, for the most part. Yes the florist is still close to the funeral home and the music and chairs are still in house. But now the stationary is mainly done in the funeral home office. There are so many online programs and computer programs to help the funeral director to create individualized cards, programs, remembrances and brochures. That it really has changed how all of the paper part of the funeral is done.

Now if a family member has a special poem, bible script or even a picture that they would like to have added, it is no problem the funeral director is able to print up what ever is needed right there in the office. No more waiting hoping everything would look right and the client would be satisfied with the end results. Now they can mock it up on the computer and the client can see it and know right then if it what they had in mind.

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