Funeral DVD

Most families today opt to create a slideshow at the service of a loved one and therefore will have a funeral dvd created to store the images. These DVDs are available for purchase at online resources that provide creation of funeral slideshow presentations or you can also create them yourself.

There are many slideshow software applications available for both the MAC and PC and if you have a family member that is able to assist in this area, you can enlist their help for the creation. Generally, you will need to gather the images you want to include on the DVD beforehand. Then you will need to scan them into an electronic format if the photos are only in hardcopy. Once you get all the photos into a.jpg format (this is the common file format that is universally accepted for images), you can begin to import them into your slideshow software.

Each software works differently so make sure you are familiar with it before diving in and producing a funeral DVD on a short timeframe. Once your DVD is burned and completed you should create a CD label or DVD cover to complete the look and appeal. Remember, this is a treasured keepsake that is cherished for many generations to come, its worth the little extra effort to add some finishing touches.

Perhaps you want to find a website resource that offers this as templates so it will cut down your timeframe in production. That is a wise decision and one that will certainly pay off by saving you time and money.

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