Funeral Card Prayers

A funeral card has a two fold purpose-It can be sent by the bereaved family to those who have been especially helpful during the death of a loved one or it can be sent by a family member, friend, or acquaintance to the bereaved family. There may be funeral card prayers that are included no matter which purpose it serves.

Funeral cards sent by the bereaved family can contain prayers of hope, guidance, and comfort. Prayers can be taken from bible verses, hymns, or even a prayer written from your heart. The purpose of the prayer is to help you or the reader of the card to remember that your loved one is at rest, in heaven, and abiding in a better place.

Prayers are often a source of comfort and encouragement. It is also a way to present your request and make them known to God. It is known to to provide a lighter burden for those who believe in the power of prayer. For other family members and friends who read the funeral card, it can be a reminder to keep the bereaved family lifted up in prayer for strength and comfort during the time of loss.

The other purpose for funeral card prayers is sending them to the grieving family or spouse. You can include prayers that contain words to strengthen them and provide a gentle reminder of God’s overall plan for their lives.

Funeral card prayers are important to anyone associated with a recent loss and you can select prayers for almost any emotion.

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