Expressing Condolences With Sympathy Messages

When a loved one dies, finding an appropriate method to express your sympathy to the grieving can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a variety of sympathy messages that will help express your feelings.

Sympathy cards with pre-printed messages

Sympathy cards are good choices for individuals who struggle with trying to find the right words. Death is a sensitive issue, and the sympathy messages on these cards are appropriate. If you are unsure of the religious beliefs of the recipient, it is best to send a generic card. A simple signature, and perhaps a few words of your own, shows the grieving that you care.

Personalized notes

If you know exactly what you want to say and prefer something more personal than a pre-written card, then a personalized note can deliver a special sympathy message. You should first acknowledge the death and express your sympathy. Add a few unique qualities about the person who has died, as well as some happy memories of the loved one.

If you’re in a position to offer assistance, such as providing childcare while your friend handles funeral arrangements or cooking a meal for the family, you can include that offer in your note also.

Gifts with sympathy messages

When words fail to express what is in your heart, gifts can be wonderful for passing along sympathy messages. There are numerous gifts that are inscribed with messages of hope and comfort.

A few ideas include:

Memorial stones – What better way to honor someone than with a memorial stone placed in a garden? Memorial stones come in a variety of sizes and shapes, all of which are designed to look natural in an outdoor garden. Some have pre-written sentiments, but also have the option of engraving your own words on the stones.

Wind chimes – Many chimes offer hopeful and inspirational messages on the sail. Whenever the wind blows and the soothing sounds of the chimes are heard, the deceased will be thought of.

Bereavement angels – In addition to the beauty of a sympathy angel, many angels also offer inscribed sympathy messages on the figurine. The messages can be as simple as “Forever in my Heart” to more lengthy sympathy poems.

Memorial plaques – Similar to the memorial stones, a plaque is a unique way to keep the memory of a special person alive. Plaques can be placed indoors or outdoors, which makes them a good choice if you prefer the idea of engraving a sympathy message but your loved one doesn’t have a garden.

Frames – Showcase a photo of a loved one with a memorial frame. Many frames include thoughtful sympathy poems in remembrance of the loved one.

No matter which method you choose as a sympathy message to the bereaved, your loved one is sure to appreciate your gesture.

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