Example of Eulogy Speeches

For most of us, when we are able to read or hear eulogy speeches being delivered in front of a crowd, it is just another form of speech. Easy to make, provided that you have the topic to expound about or if you’re given guidelines on where the speech will be delivered or what the event is all about. But for an event, like a funeral that is undoubtedly full of sorrow and grief, being asked to write eulogy speeches in this type of happening is totally different.

It is different in a way because at this particular time most of the family members or relatives are still trying to recover from the loss and maximizing the time to be with their dearly departed. So, one should be most wary of the things that he or she would have to include in the speech. Eulogy speeches, can be categorized in several types. The relationship of the speaker to the one person who died should be regarded. Certainly, if you were writing a eulogy speech that is dedicated to a family member it would definitely entail much more emotion compared to a eulogy devoted to a co-worker or a friend. For a colleague or a boss for example it is another story. But what is important is that we are able to give eulogy speeches that are genuine or heartfelt.

As a form of salute to the person who passed away, it is just proper that we make a eulogy speech that is as excellent and worthy as the one we are offering it to.

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