Example of a Newspaper Ad

Don’t worry, this isn’t something that requires you learn a bunch of copywriting tactics or complicated writing tricks. You just need to put yourself in the place of your prospect.

Let’s jump into this with an example.

Let’s say that you sell a book on how to have more fun boating while spending less money and you want to use the newspaper to get more people to your website.

You want to give a short and enticing headline that peaks enough interest to get people to your website, nothing more.

Instead of giving you a long-winded explanation or course on copywriting, I’ll give you a handful of examples you can steal and model to fit your product or service.

Example #1

Learn Why I Have A Blast Boating Every Weekend And You Don’t! Free Newsletter.

(url here)

Example #2

Secrets Ways To Boat More, Have More Fun & Spend Less Money. Free Report.

(url here)

Example #3

Do You Enjoy Boating? Learn How To Do It More Often & Have A Blast Doing It At This Free Website…

(url here)

As you can see from the examples above, it doesn’t need to be some long winded advertisement. Just something short, simple and crafted to generate some curiosity is all you need.

You will also notice that there is a mention of there being a free report, newsletter or website. This is done to get the maximum amount of people to visit your link. It’s a proven fact that if you mention something is free versus not mentioning a freebie, you will get more responses to your ad.

It is also very hard to sell directly from a newspaper. You will notice that 99% of the ads are all geared towards getting the reader to take an action that costs nothing such as make a phone call, come in to the store, visit a website, etc. This is no mistake. If you tried to sell your product in a newspaper, you would need to take out a huge expensive ad in order to provide enough information to actually sell your product and the response would probably not be profitable.

This is a key part of this system and will be explained further in the next section. Don’t worry it’s all easy to put together.

The key objective of this ad is to just get people with an interest in your offering to your website.

It is extremely simple for you to use the examples above in your own advertising.

For example, if you sell an investing newsletter you could simply use example #2 and replace “Secret Ways To Boat More” with “Secret Ways To Make More Money Investing”, change the domain to yours and you have an instant ad.

Or if you sell a monthly membership to a site that offers video came codes and cheats you could take example #3 and replace “Do You Enjoy Boating?” with “Do You Enjoy Playing Video Games?”

I’m sure you can see the simplicity of using these examples for use in crafting your own advertisement. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or spend 10 hours trying to make you ad perfect. Just take one of the examples provided and tailor it to your own offer or mix and match the ads to create something you like more.

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