Example Eulogy For a Father – An Acclamation For the Greatest Dad

Losing someone who has been a great influence in your life, more so if it’s the family man can mean a loss of not just the provider, the strength and the rock of the family but a man who has taught you how to live and given you life. Losing a father is indeed one of the most painful and heartbreaking experiences one can ever endure. It is as if you’ve lost not just a parent but also a buddy, a friend and a constant listener to all your clichéd humors, triumphs and even failures. Now that your father is gone, there’s no doubt in saying, you wish you’ve said everything you want him to hear when he was still alive as he yearned to hear every words of love and care coming from you.

An example eulogy for a father should be something that will talk more of him as a parent and a person in general. If you find it difficult to say a word and wanting to come up with the appropriate lexis to express your gratitude, praise and love for the greatest man in your life, these key components will assist you to writing an excellent one.

Your Own Introduction

An example eulogy for a father should comprise mainly of an introduction of the identity of the speaker. Since visitors and guests are unacquainted of whom the person standing in front, a brief introduction of one self is considered necessary. Your introduction prior to saying your piece can be as simple as this, “I am (your name) and I’m here to speak of what my father has been during his time with us”. The word ‘my father’ can immediately explicate that you are his son/daughter and this plays to be one of the most significant parts of your eulogy.

Your Father’s Vision and Your Memories with Him

As your father’s child, the best things you can remember when he was still alive are not his accomplishments and recognitions, but more importantly he being a father to you. You can begin by saying about your father’s objective for your siblings and his family as a whole. This can be put in words like this, “My father had a vision, and that is to see his children grow up to be responsible and respectful being, he dreamt of seeing us soar and reach our dreams”. Apart from this, you can also state your childhood memories of your father and even those recollections in his last days with you. The key to reminiscing all those memories is through selecting memoirs that has the greatest impact in your life that you’ve committed to memory and treasured up to this very day. If you and your father loved to play the same sports, loved to spend time sitting side by side in a tree house or just flying kites together, all these will make a good start for your piece.

How He Was as a Father

The best example eulogy for a father is those that will reflect and give tribute to your father’s personality and character as a whole. Tell about his good traits, his accomplishments, his favorites and how he had become a great model to the family.

To put in plain words, an example eulogy for a father is something that will remind everybody of the goodness of the person. Big words are not sufficient and you need not write pompously and spectacularly, a simple but heartfelt eulogy is more than enough to thank and remember the man whom you call ‘father’.

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