Eulogy Speech Example – Eulogy For a Friend

Loosing a loved one is very hard, and few people are ready to deal not only with their grief but also with all the little things that must be done after a person’s passing. This is especially true if you are the eldest child or the only living relative-then, often, it all falls on you to take care of business. This involves making funeral arrangements, handling the will, and writing the eulogy. Few people consciously think about the eulogy until the funeral, but someone has to write it. To help you with that, you can find a eulogy speech example or two online to use as a template.

A eulogy speech example will often include things that don’t apply to you, the deceased, or your family. In that case, feel free to discard them. This is, actually, one of the hardest things about writing a eulogy. Even with a good eulogy speech example, you often find much in the example that you can’t use. Eulogies are very personal and very different from each other. For example, some may want to talk about the loved one’s family and friends, while others may feel it more appropriate to discuss the highlights of the deceased one’s life. Part of it depends on who the loved one was, and part of it depends on who you are.

If so much of a eulogy has to come from you and your feelings towards the deceased, you might wonder why you should even bother finding a good eulogy speech example. Writing something from scratch can be very difficult, especially if you don’t do a lot of writing in your everyday life.

Having a eulogy speech example next to you at the computer or kitchen table can give you ideas of what to write about and provide a jumping-off point.

To find a eulogy speech example, all you have to do is visit your favorite search engine and put in “eulogy speech example” as your criteria. You’ll probably have to search through a number of examples before you find one you like, but don’t get discouraged. You will eventually find a eulogy example that fits both what you want to say and fits well with your loved one’s life and personality.

Of course, remember that no matter what eulogy speech example you use as your basis, you’ll have to adapt it somewhat because no example will perfectly say what you want to say.

Eulogy for a Friend Anna Jane Lewis

Anna Jane passed away 4 days ago at the age of 44. Anna Jane was my friend, she was my best friend. We had been friends since college.

Right now, I’m not sure how I am supposed to keep going without my dearest friend, Anna Jane. You see, even though we each had our own families and careers, we still did so many things together.

In so many ways Anna Jane and I were more like sisters than friends. Somewhere along the line, the holidays became something we did together. One year Anna Jane would do Thanksgiving Dinner and I would do Christmas. The next, we’d alter it. And so it has been for so long now I don’t know what I am going to do this year at Christmas yet.

I’m not sure if I can step foot in a Starbucks either. Every morning, Anna Jane and I have been meeting at Starbucks for our morning cup of coffee before work. That is where we talked about our kids, and our jobs. That is where we strategized what to do with our husbands. Anna Jane and I were very fortunate you know, we each had a husband whom we loved and who truly loved us in return.

I know that Anna Jane’s passing is hard on her husband, Jeff as well and my heart is with you Jeff. I know how much she loved you.

I think all the way back to college when Anna Jane and I would spend long hours at the campus cafeteria doing research papers and sipping teas or coffees. At some point these communications would come around to the subject of just the perfect guy. And Anna knew then what the right kind of fella was for her. She would describe Jeff. His looks, his attitudes, his career choices and hobbies. She used to tell me that her soulmate was out there and that she would not compromise. Waiting for her Mr. Right was not a problem. I used to tease her, telling her that she was just too much the romantic.

But Anna remained true to her romantic notions as I called them. She was of course my maid of honor. Waiting still for Jeff, she still was so remarkably beautiful walking down that aisle behind me. I brought pictures of her that day for you all to remember her by.

And then one day, Anna Jane called me at work and told me to meet her at 5:00. As we sat in the little corner pub, each sipping a cold Corona and Lime, Anna, like a giddy high school girl told me all about how Mr. Right had crashed into her car that day. Now the good news is that Jeff and Anna were not hurt in that little fender-bender!

I listened to Anna for two hours that night talk about this guy, Jeff. She was smitten. (smile). Jeff she loved you as thoroughly that day as she loved you until the day she died.

There will never be another Anna. I already miss her more than I have ever missed anyone. I know that she is safe from harm and I know that she is not afraid.

She loved us all and we all loved her.

And when you see a little fender-bender – think of the love that opened up for two people, Smile for Anna.

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